Aqua Spa Float Center & Wellness Boutique a “Wellness Destination” for Services and Products

Aqua Spa Float Center & Wellness Boutique a “Wellness Destination” for Services and Products

The company’s tagline reads “Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate” and when the new Aqua Spa Float Center & Wellness Boutique opens at the former Oswego City School District Building in Oswego, later this year, visitors will be able to do just that, with a variety of wellness products and services.
“We will truly be a wellness destination,” said Aqua Spa Owners and Float Ambassadors Terry LeRoi and Tammy Wilkinson. “While float therapy will be the core of our business and the majority of our clientele, the additional wellness modalities and services within our boutique will add to the visit and benefits.”

Float Therapy or sensory deprivation or R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) has been around since the 1950’s, and people use a float tank or pod that contains a saturated solution of Epsom salt, provides a light and sound reduced environment, and is kept at skin temperature. This environment allows a person to float effortlessly without external stimuli for many purposes, including to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction and pain, meditation, and relaxation.

In addition to Float Therapy, the Aqua Spa will feature Halotherapy (also known as Salt Therapy); Cryotherapy (also known as Cold Therapy); Infrared Sauna; Oxygen Bar; and Massage. Other wellness products including healthy refreshments, organic supplements, and beauty products, will be available and expanded upon.

According to LeRoi and Wilkinson, demolition and construction on the 6,500 square foot float center and wellness boutique is underway, and the feedback within the community has been tremendous. 
“We have been educating the community on the benefits of float therapy, floating facts, and knowledge on the diversity of our products and services we will be offering,” LeRoi and Wilkinson said. “There is a continuous learning opportunity because of the uniqueness of our industry.
“As people truly understand and experience these wellness benefits for themselves, the Aqua Spa will be an incredible asset to Oswego and the region.”
The following provides a general breakdown of the health benefits of each modality.

Float Therapy
1. Relieves anxiety and stress
2. Helps with insomnia or sleep trouble
3. Relieves muscle pain by improving blood flow
4. Enhances physical performance/recovery time by relieving muscle pain quickly
5. Relieves chronic pain and inflammation

Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)
1. Eases respiratory conditions (allergies, asthma, smoke-related cough)
2. Improves airflow in the lungs by removing pollutants
3. Relieves stress, anxiety and headaches
4. Purifies skin (reduces acne, eczema and psoriasis symptoms)
5. Boosts the immune system

Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy)
1. Reduces muscle inflammation (good for athletes)
2. Stimulates skin collagen production (reduce wrinkles and pore size)
3. Boosts metabolism for weight loss
4. Improves mood and sleep quality
5. Shortens recovery times by increasing oxygen flow

Infrared Sauna (warms the skin/tissues without making the air too hot)
1. Boosts metabolism for weight loss
2. Muscle pain relief
3. Boosts immune system
4. Detoxifies and purifies skin
5. Improves circulation

Oxygen Therapy
1. Quickly remedies headaches, migraines and hangovers
2. Relieves muscle stiffness and fatigue
3. Calms mind and nervous system to improve memory and thinking
4. Relieves stress and anxiety
5. Eases digestion by increasing bacteria breakdown speed

For additional information on the Aqua Spa Float Center and Wellness Boutique visit their website at, Facebook/Aqua-Spa-Float-Center-Wellness-Boutique,  Instagram/aquaspafloatcenter, or by phone at (518) 253-6930.